Warehouse Management

Ytuitive mobile is an application which could be accessed from various devices – mobile phones, PCs, tablets and all devices that have an HTML 5 browser. It is secured by accessing only with a username and password. The mobile application has a centralized server that implements the entire logic of the application, which contributes to the data security and the speed of the queries that need to be performed.

The app has an administrative panel to set roles and rights for all users. Inline rights restrict users:

  • To which modules and menus the respective user has in the application;
  • In which tables the consumer has the rights to read, write, modify and delete data;
  • To which table fields he has edit access, to view and change their values;
  • The ability to further limit users to customer needs;

Our team offers the ability to build individual application functionalities according to customer needs.

A variety of standard features are included in the application, such as:

  • Encompassing the process of obtaining inventories in the warehouse from purchases and transfer receipts;
  • Covering the inventory process of enterprise’s storage areas;
  • Encompassing the process of expedition of inventories and finished products from Sales and transfer notes;
  • Covering the process of accounting for finished products, invested materials and input into the production;
  • Stock availability tools in the storage areas
  • Functionality for dividing all storage areas with cells and multi-storey shelves

Ytuitive mobile is successfully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Mago.NET. We also have integration capabilities with other applications that are linked to databases of the following type:

  • My SQL
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Firebird